Humility (never enough)

Most ambitious person at Disney Institute?

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In the classroom, or on the stage, i’ll hold up my ambition to transform others against any other speaker anywhere. Unafraid. Confident. Driven. And nearly invisibly, humble.


Most ambitious person at Disney Institute?

Last week at Gold’s Gym i bumped into a 20+ year Disney Cast Member with a diverse and acclaimed resume. He has helped Disney Institute on some big projects, yet we never worked together – we know the same people though.

He is feeling stuck in his career and is looking to enroll in an advanced degree.

i offered him an alternative thought.

Shared with him (because the conversation led us to this) that a new leader at Disney Institute (DI) became my boss and in our very first one-on-one meeting, i said, “We need to address the elephant in the room. Thirty years at Disney, 15 of them at DI, and i remain a facilitator. Why?”

He, with two Master’s degrees, wasn’t clear on where i was going with the point, so i continued, “Generally we think of ambition as climbing the ladder vertically – a tangible measurement. But i have chosen a different path; to stay at the lowest level. But make no mistake, i’m the most ambitious person on our team.”

Insight: Not everything that can be measured matters and not everything that matters can be measured.




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Humility (never enough)

How many miracles does each human get?

KOHLS 2015 National Conference
KOHL’S 2015 National Conference about to kickoff.


We get a few, plus or minus one handful, of miracles in life.

Today doesn’t equate to:

  1. Being born
  2. Being American
  3. Surviving two potentially deadly car accidents.
  4. Marrying Cheryl
  5. Finding land behind Magic Kingdom
  6. Overcoming disability and becoming a parent

But today does equate to a close second. And is simply this. Today is Mid Life Celebration’s first paid speaking engagement. The client paid the entire asking price – the same price Disney Institute can ask for.

Another close second is years ago entirely by serendipity, Lee Cockerell and i began a trusted friendship.

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Humility (never enough)

Should we try it if the benefits could be staggering?

orlando based disney speakers


(photo: Six months is a long time. Imagine an entire year.)

You know the coolest thing about an intensely positive attitude?

You are ok doing the craziest experiments that:

  1. No one else is even thinking of doing.
  2. No one else would even dream of succeeding at it.

Twelve more days to complete one year of not using I, Me, my, or mine.

Not in:

  • Five blogs a day. And yes, that’s 1,865 posts.
  • Not in emails for Disney.
  • Not in emails for MLC.
  • Not in personal emails.
  • Not in a single social media update, reply, comment. Not one. For a year.

To be honest, it’s insane.

But some unexpected Magic happened.

Have you ever tried it? For a day? A week? Longer?

See how crazy it is.

The benefits are staggering.

First up was learning an invisible (unknown) definition of humility.

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Humility (never enough)

Humbled by the mental aging process

Nursing Home welcome sign


(photo: Three days, two nights at the Nursing Home and Assisted Living facility)

Humbled by the mental aging process.

Spend one day in the Senior Living facility and adjacent Nursing home and you easily become overwhelmed with the choices we think we have as we age.

History shows that middle aged adults aren’t taking any of these choices seriously.

If attitude really is everything we’ve been led to believe it is….

Guess it’s up to us to manage it and ultimately, to prove it.

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Humility (never enough)

Been working to eliminate these four words? old website design
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The past few months, maybe longer, have been working to eliminate these words:

  • i
  • me
  • my
  • mine


Either a mystery or a conscious realization these four words are innocently yet completely self-centered.

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