jeff noel Met His Wife In A College Interview

Cheryl interviewed me for a job in 1979 at West Chester State College.

She was engaged to be married to her high school sweet heart (not me).

I had found the woman I wanted to marry (not Cheryl).

Neither plan worked out, but I did get the job.

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Dear Son, Life’s Wakeup Calls Are Huge Gifts And Mine Was Discovering Parenting Is Not An Entitlement

Rhode Island, June 16, 2011

Dear Son, every day is Father’s Day. Your Mother and I suffered through an invisible disability, infertility. Parenting is not an entitlement for some couples.

Spending our life savings, struggling for 8 years with pathetic odds, with no guarantee – heart wrenching. Doing our bear hug every day after school – priceless.

I hope every parent can comprehend the wealth children bring.

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

Dear Son, I’m blaming you (and Mommy) for loving me…yesterday at Epcot:

Chapin, it’s your fault I started writing five daily, differently themed blogs. Remember? You wondered why your 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hoback, made you read 20-minutes, out loud, every night.

I wondered why the promise to write your book – filled with Life’s secrets – hadn’t been started. Which prompted a 100-day challenge to write in all five blogs, every single day.

April Fool’s Day, 2009 seems so long ago…

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Dear Son #11

Dear Son, jeffrey noel blogs are not how to blogs. People spend their entire lives waiting to be told (the secrets) how to live. Don’t fall into that status-quo trap.

Listen carefully, my message to you is why you should do things, not how.

Once you understand this, you must find time, energy and focus to make things work, in your own unique way, which will ebb & flow throughout your life.

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Dear Son, Do You Know Why…

Jack the bear (top, center) was always with you, even here, waiting for your (2nd) Gastroenterologist…

Dear Son, do you know why I write 5 different blogs every day before I head out the door? To teach you about life’s 5 big choices.

You inspired me to start a 100-day challenge to write everyday.

That was 639 days ago, and roughly 3,350 blog posts later…each post has a link to the next Blog so you can easily and quickly read all 5.

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