Dear Son, Yes And…

Undoubtedly the edgiest blog photos Midlife Celebration has ever posted...(Malibu, CA 2011)
Never in a million years did we think bad thoughts about God.

Dear Son, attitude, quite frankly is everything. In our eight year journey to become parents, we spent our life savings. While we could be bitter or sad it’s gone, it was actually God’s blessing to provide it so it could be taken away. Imagine if we hadn’t had that resource.

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Dear Son, It Was Never Part Of Our Plan To Wait Until We Were In Our 40’s To Become Parents

Remember Son, I'd have no teddy bear if it wasn't for you.

Dear Son, what we thought was an entitlement – parenting – wasn’t. It is for most, but for a select few, not gonna happen. At least not in the usual way. The very fact that you are here is an act of Faith on our part and an act of Love on God’s.

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Dear Son, You Are The Reason I Write, the Reason I Speak, And The Reason God Put Me Here

Traveling for a living. Creating Life's Ripple Effect everywhere we go.

Dear Son, children are the reason God made parents. Your Mother and I were chosen to be your parents. My job is to teach you through speaking, writing and living. In that process, God has also shown me that he would like my efforts to expand well beyond our home.

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