Dear Son, If You Want A Great, Positive Attitude, You Must Fight For It Every Single Day

What seems like hell is the devil's work to take our eye off of common sense.

Dear Son, nothing in life will prepare you for the painful side effects stemming from a negative mental attitude. It’s like hell. Only difference is that this hell shows up while you’re alive, instead of waiting until we die. There is only one antidote.

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Dear Son, Please Bank On Truth And Common Sense

Ponder truth and common sense against all other alternatives.

Dear Son, please bank on truth and common sense:

  • Never get bored with the basics
  • Life’s Big Choices
  • Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ
  • Use your first & middle names to guide you

Work tirelessly, your entire life, to make common sense, common practice.

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Dear Son, The Future Is Incredibly Fascinating

Marching to the beat of common sense is not common.

Dear Son, hard to believe you’re 11 and Mid Life Celebration is three, and that I’m 52. Time flies, and it waits for no one. I love our nightly conversations before we fall asleep. One of the favorite memories I’ll take to Heaven is how receptive you’ve always been to truth and common sense. Please bank on that whether I’m with you or not.

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