Brainstorming through WordPress

  Brainstorming through WordPress. Sometimes, i use the daily blog writing to brainstorm a project proposal or a solution to a challenge. Currently working with one client who has no issues with my speaking fees. Simultaneously, another client is being elusive. Simple awareness is where everything begins.   The insight above grounds me. As does […]

The paradox of being inquisitive

      Our questions proclaim (whether we want them to or not) what we value. Shallow questions, for example, reveal a shallow mindset. Begging the question, “Why so shallow?” Deep, thought-provoking (often painful) questions, for example, reveal our mindset too, and invite the question, “Why so much thought and focus?” It doesn’t matter which we […]

i wish there would have been a book like this when i was 21

  Mid Life Celebration: rethink • reprioritize • recommit is a short book that helped me make sense of my excuses and my regrets, and helped me prepare for the inevitable second chances that often arrive without warning. i wish a book exactly like this would have been available when i was 21. For most of us, where we are […]