While nurturing my spirit, a mental and a career idea bloomed

Notes from an idea that surfaced during yesterday’s 8:45AM Mass.
inspirational sayings
Pinterest sends me occasional emails with a few things they think i might appreciate. Here are two. You’d never know i struggle because i never focus on the “problems”. And, mistakes are some of my favorite teachers.
exercise wisdom
As you move from Mid Life Celebration’s blog to Lane 8’s blog, this message (from Twitter yesterday) is solid wisdom.

While nurturing my spirit yesterday morning, a mental and a career idea bloomed. Reference the top photo.

Jody Maberry has agreed to take me on as his final podcast customer. He doesn’t have room, but because of our relationship and my Disney wisdom, he is doing it.

He is smart.

And i am lucky.

(And blessed, humbled, excited, relieved, and grateful.)

When you get to Jungle Jeff’s blog, you’ll see why the note’s ideas (top photo above) are important.

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