Merry Christmas, thank you Christmas for being an annual part of my life

fosbury flop statue
Fosbury flop. Screenshot from Twitter yesterday (Oct 24). The University of Oregon revealed this statue yesterday.



Why the Fosbury video?

Because Twitter planted a seed yesterday.

And the seed grew into a thought about being a pioneer.

Pioneers change things.

Maybe the way i think about death (and the 10-year plan) is pioneering.

Time will tell.

And no, i didn’t do it to pioneer anything.

Dick Fosbury didn’t either.

Dick was simply looking for a way to not be the worst high jumper on his High School team.

And i simply don’t want to die with regret. i plan to die with peace and contentment. Peace with who i am. Content with what i have.

Merry Christmas, thank you Christmas for being an annual part of my life.

According to my 10-year plan, this is my final Christmas.

i’m at peace with having such a non-conforming approach to life.

The critics, and there are always critics, used to be people i worried about what they would think of me.

Maybe 3-5 years ago i started asking, “Why?”

Well, for starters, some of them are family and friends.

People i’ve known a lifetime.

To this unnecessary worry, i’ve surrendered.

Free at last.

Thank God almighty, i’m free at last. (ht MLK)

Note: ht = hat tip.


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