Panicked mindset?

comic about covid-19
Thank you Covid-19 for showing us how weird people can be when panicked.

Panicked mindset?

Yes, for most.


Unorganized life.

Unorganized mindset.

This would have been me 15-20 years ago.

The gift to unorganized people is the wakeup call they are experiencing.

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Every single day brings the opportunity for the freshness of perspective

Stunned by the news. Al was only 53, with a wife and three child under 15.


Freshness of perspective?

What would it feel like to have three overwhelming events happen on the same day?:

  • neighbor says her 22-year old daughter thought Mid Life Celebration (your book) was ‘fantastic’!
  • email sharing that 53-year old father of your child’s classmates just passed away
  • a colleague bestows generosity and kindness beyond amazing

All unexpected.

All powerful.

All emotional.

All reminding us of life’s beauty and life’s harsh reality.

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Reminders come and go.

iPhone clock alarm screen shot
Wheels up at 5:30am means a 3am wake up call


Reminders come and go.

Some are simple and casual.

Some are devastating, tragic, sudden.

What we do with them to a large extent, determines our ability to live with peace and contentment.

Fear is attachment to things, people, and outcomes.

Waking up to this and living like we mean it helps us accept the uncontrollables in life.

This is key to being a thriver versus a survivor.

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Blessed with the opportunity to have our lives come crumbling apart?

National Inquirer cover with Michelle Obama
Different day, same challenge – authenticity


Mid Life Celebration is the opposite of midlife crisis.

Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity. No?

We are blessed with the opportunity to have our lives come crumbling apart. In layman’s terms, life’s wakeup call.

Three simple, prioritized steps.

Maybe their simplicity neutralizes or hinders our belief in the process:

reThink – rePrioritize – reCommit

Oh, one more thing, simple doesn’t mean easy. It only means simple.

We know this.

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How one busy day turns into these three or more things

Freashly planted Florida homeowner landscape
Can’t wait to see this again in 100 days


One really busy day turns into another, and another, and another and before you know it, the opportunity to enjoy life’s simplest of pleasure – visiting with a neighbor, walking a pet, planting a vegetable garden – is gone.

And somehow, I stare at the 54 years of life that are now behind me, as of today.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Of course.

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