Reminders come and go.

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Wheels up at 5:30am means a 3am wake up call


Reminders come and go.

Some are simple and casual.

Some are devastating, tragic, sudden.

What we do with them to a large extent, determines our ability to live with peace and contentment.

Fear is attachment to things, people, and outcomes.

Waking up to this and living like we mean it helps us accept the uncontrollables in life.

This is key to being a thriver versus a survivor.

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Our fear is a blood relative to our attitude

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prevention and relief are also blood relatives

Our fear is a blood relative to our attitude.

Fear is attachment to things, outcomes, and people – the fear of losing the attachment.

Attitude is attachment to thoughts – the law of attraction.

While the two seem so incredibly different and separate, they are actually blood relatives.

The more positive our attitude, the less fear we have.

The less fear we have, the more positive our attitude.

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