We subconsciously choose freedom or slavery

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Official negotiation document. Profoundly simple, simply profound.


The ultimate confirmation of having wisdom is the profoundly simple revelation that every single day is a final exam. This is taxing either way, so saying it’s too much work is a lame excuse.

To live a single day in the absence of abundant gratitude, joy, compassion, and service is to not yet have wisdom.

Humans are creatures of habit. To live in the way described here, or to not, is a habit.

Habits enslave us or set us free.

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A life of reaction is a form of personal slavery

Florida vanity license plate label my quest
Everyone starts out on a quest, not everyone finishes successfully. (plate owner unknown)


A life of reaction is a form of personal slavery.

Wake up calls have their original in the things we are not proactive with.

We can not stop bad things from happening, yet we can prune and nurture our attitude so that by midlife, we are self-aware in ways others have difficulty comprehending, yet ways everyone is entitled to and empowered to enjoy.

And we are equipped and inspired to be proactive with our mind, body, and spirit, as well as with our career and our dwelling space.

Thinking deeply about this, wouldn’t it be great if there was a short, concise, inspiring, direct, and generous book to use as a guide?

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Midlife Adults Become Trapped In The Cage Of Our Lifetime Habits

Midlife Adults Become Trapped In The Cage Of Our Lifetime Habits

A trip to a local zoo at night, gazing upon caged animals. Couldn’t help but be thankful for a house, a bed and no worries of falling off a high branch while sleeping. Feeling trapped is a blessing in disguise. Feeling trapped motivates action. Our creature comforts have trapped us in our own cage, labeled midlife complacency. Go.

PS. Check out those whiskers.
PSS. This post (like most) is just me kicking my own butt.

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