Midlife Adults Become Trapped In The Cage Of Our Lifetime Habits

Midlife Adults Become Trapped In The Cage Of Our Lifetime Habits

A trip to a local zoo at night, gazing upon caged animals. Couldn’t help but be thankful for a house, a bed and no worries of falling off a high branch while sleeping. Feeling trapped is a blessing in disguise. Feeling trapped motivates action. Our creature comforts have trapped us in our own cage, labeled midlife complacency. Go.

PS. Check out those whiskers.
PSS. This post (like most) is just me kicking my own butt.

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  1. Is the animal really getting good sleep? Or does it take breaks like this throughout the day to recharge and reset?

  2. In a cage, the animal is pretty safe from natural predators. In it’s natural habitat, I wonder if it ever feels safe closing it’s eyes. Thanks David.

  3. Right now my life is a bit out of balance, so I enjoyed this image of whiskers. It reminded me of the bible verse about the birds and the animals not worrying. God takes care of us all. And as I smiled about the image and the bible verse the little voice in my head said, “Relax Patty, keep trying, keep moving… it’s all good.”

  4. Patty, just found this message so I’m replying a bit late…..yes, relax, do the best we can…keep moving forward, but never quit. I believe God is right beside us, encouraging us constantly…if we only take the time to hear his whispers (not whiskers).

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