This long way applies to everything

As CEO of You, Inc, it is ALWAYS your turn.

Our time is an expense and we often feel shortcuts are like getting a discount. But in reality the long way is the shortcut.

You may save time, but you don’t save personal growth, you short change yourself.

Like compound interest over time, you reap the most when you sow early.

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Why i love mental gardening

baby spider in a pan
Yesterday i was making dinner and discovered a baby spider trapped in the pot i needed.


baby spider in a pan
At first i thought it was a piece of dirt because (i assumed) it was balled up in fear. But when it spread it’s legs and began moving, i realized the tiny speck was alive. i released the spider outside.


What seeds would i want to plant today that won’t benefit me or anyone else until years down the road?

What seeds did i plant yesterday?

Do i truly believe that tiny actions will reap a harvest sometime in the future?

Or am i too impatient to wait, so i don’t plant?

And then in the future, there’s nothing, or little, to harvest.

Guess what happens to my attitude (or yours) when this happens.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.


Please do not wait too long for this one vital permission

Inchworm dangling from tree last night – inch by inch everything’s a cinch.


What the future holds is up to us, if we position ourselves correctly.

Meaning if we set good, decent, meaningful long-term goals, we are in a much better position for a good and decent harvest.

Midlife is harvest time for many. Why wouldn’t it be, right?

And we reap what we sow.

And patience is strength.

And please do not wait too long to give yourself permission.

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