Reflection is like money in the bank

Delta priority boarding receipt
Had forgotten i purchased priority boarding for the trip out.


Reflection is like money in the bank.

Being cash rich but time poor means you have money in the bank, but you are too busy to spend time on yourself and with people you care about.

Your time is spent on being excellent (a positive assumption) in your career, but not having enough time to get a decent night’s sleep.

So yeah, self-reflection is a special kind of wealth.

When you start sleeping well and start awakening early enough to self-reflect, you’ll still be busy.

A “healthier” busy.

And then you can be bold enough and brave enough to be true to yourself.

If not now (or soon), when?

If not ever, why?


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Then again, it’s not often

Lake McDonald from Apgar picnic area


(photo: one of the final photos from Glacier National Park… July 25, 2014… 4pm)

It’s not often we get to reflect back on the past 48 hours of our life. Not because it’s difficult, mostly because we silently tell ourselves there wasn’t much worth recounting.

Same old, same old.

Then again, there are times when those 48 hours offer something remarkable – if only we pause and reflect.

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Recommit Reprioritize Rethink

Back To The Midlife Antidote

What Will You See When You Look Back?
What Will You See When You Look Back?

Every day it’s the same.  Isn’t it?  It goes like this:

  • No Passion
  • No Drive
  • No Worthy Goals
  • No Desire
  • No Patience
  • No Resolve

So there you have it, the antidote.

It’s yours for the taking.

But you don’t.

Have I not done enough to make you angry motivate you to begin to Rethink, Reprioritize, and Recommit?

What else do you want from me?

You’ve got to be willing to kick your own butt.

Are you listening?

You’ve got to!!

Self Control (Impossible?)

Pause and Reflect?

Time Waits For No One
Time Waits For No One

“It is no simple matter to pause in the midst of one’s maturity, when life is full of function, to examine what are the principles which control that functioning.”Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973)

We reap what we sow.

Blinding flash of the obvious, eh?