The only way to lead

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Yesterday’s Mickey Mouse soft pretzel was wrapped in this paper.

The only way to lead is by example. Start with your attitude.

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Professors vs practitioners

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Texted this to a CEO client yesterday. Additionally, it’s how i feel about gurus. i watch how gurus live their life, not what they preach.

Professors vs practitioners.

What’s the difference?

One makes a living off of theories.

One makes a living by doing the work, without any theories.

Be careful who you follow and listen to.

You should be the most positive person you know.

If you aren’t, chances are you are spending too much time with professors.

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Here’s why midlife transformation means so much

bad role models
we can not afford to become apathetic role models

parental role models
stay focused on being a role model – until (at least) the day we die

When we’re younger, we are led to believe as we advance in our life, things will get easier and even more pleasurable – we can start to coast after we reach the summit. Remember riding a bicycle to the top of a hill? The reward was the downhill ride without peddling.

Children grow up, become young adults and follow the aging process.

If we do not remain our child’s role model (forever), someone else will fill that gap. How is that acceptable?

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It Begins With The Father

“It is said to begin with the Father”.Maxine Kumin

Our models are our parents.  And for boys, this is primarily the Father. And if the Father is absent, well, the Father is still the model.

And even when the Father is present, he might still be absent.  This makes a compelling case for being a great Father.  BFO, right?

And yet, I don’t really recall when my Dad actually sat me down to teach me important stuff.

Maybe Maxine is full of misguided notions.  Maybe she’s right on target. This confuses me, scares me, and motivates me.  What about you?