Happy Father’s Day 2015

Running quotes
Today’s Sunshine State games is a special workout.


Today is Father’s Day 2015. Heading out the door before sunrise to drive to Punta Gorda for the 2015 Sunshine State Games.

Good health is the gift i give my Family.

Motivation is the gift i give myself.

Ever think of your life that way?

Three days ago in Ft Lauderdale, the USA Today caught my attention.


Donald Trump speaker fee
Who commands $1.5m per speech?


Disney Keynote Speakers Orlando Based
Three days ago from the Marriott Harbor Beach.


Hoping that Donald’s success in business rivals his success with his physical health.

Currently offering a world class keynote speech featuring the Disney Way in exchange for $1.5m $21k.

As business gets busier, the exchange rate will have to increase, simply because of demand and supply.

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It Begins With The Father

“It is said to begin with the Father”.Maxine Kumin

Our models are our parents.  And for boys, this is primarily the Father. And if the Father is absent, well, the Father is still the model.

And even when the Father is present, he might still be absent.  This makes a compelling case for being a great Father.  BFO, right?

And yet, I don’t really recall when my Dad actually sat me down to teach me important stuff.

Maybe Maxine is full of misguided notions.  Maybe she’s right on target. This confuses me, scares me, and motivates me.  What about you?