Balance (yeah right) Five Daily Blogs, Seriously?

It’s A Common Question

Profoundly Simple
Profoundly Simple

How do you write five daily blogs? A common question from people I meet.


It’s sort of like running.

I don’t know why I do it, all I know is that i enjoy it and cannot help myself.

Drive. Hope. Faith. Purpose. Mission. Balance.

If you can’t find a role model, become one.

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Joy In Your Spirit

Mid Life Celebration, Before It’s Too Late

Celebrate The Fact You Are Dying?
Celebrate The Fact You Are Dying?

Celebrate the fact that you are dying?

What do you think?

Are there any other (better) options?

I took that photo from a Sunday newspaper cover story on Randy Pausch.

PS. We are all dying, from the moment we are born.

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About Mid Life Celebration

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Mid Life Celebration, LLC
Mid Life Celebration, LLC

Today’s Mid Life Celebration post is short and sweet. Some of you visit jeff as part of your daily routine (thank you). And some of you still aren’t aware of it.

Click here to visit and see, pretty much, the final list of tag line candidates.

Someone asked the man, “What do you do?”:

I’m the Blog Whisperer, whispering to the world, “Live, before you die.”

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