You can’t but you can

Glacier Park Mountain Goat family
Glacier Park Mountain Goat family on Mt Oberlin trail, August 2018.

You can’t do everything, yet you can do anything. Understand the difference and the world arrives to help you.

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What drives our limitations?

Fear is a habit. Our limits are a habit because of this.





The only limits we have are those we impose upon ourselves.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.


What would you do if money where no object?

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If money was no object…


i’d start every day praying, reading, reflecting, writing.

And as i did those things, i’d wait patiently and joyfully for the sun to rise each morning.

i’d walk away from things and people that, intuitively, didn’t feel right.


i’m already doing those things.

Over to you, if money was no object…


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Without Limits in 2015?

Without Limits Movie


(photo: Watched Without Limits on iPhone recently)

It’s only September 20, 2014 yet the thought of blowing the roof off of 2015 is so powerful…

To be able to look ahead with incredible anticipation, and without limits, is a freedom we can condition ourselves to expect and deliver on.

It will require extraordinary focus.

If we want it, we will have to do the hard work.

We know this.

And the bonus to it all is that the journey is our reward…

We may never do what we set out to do, but believing we can is what sets us on fire.

PS. Do what we’ve always done and we get what we’ve always received. Write posts 100 days before they go live and who knows what will happen. How exciting is that?

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