There Is Power Here

Who Will Show Us The Way?
Who Will Show Us The Way?

There’s awesome (magical) power in not giving up.

Most people never experience this anymore (now), even though they did experience it all the time (then).

Huh? What? Exactly.

When you were a child, you didn’t know the meaning of “give up”.  And, very rarely, did you ever cave in. But then you became an adult, and you were taught – right, wrong, consciously, subconsciously – to worry about what others think.

And this is a critical lesson to learn, because it is important, but only to a point.

And we never learn where that point is.

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Joy of Doing Without

It is a mid life goal to learn how to live simply, so that others may simply live.

This is one of the toughest life lessons to reverse.  Everything we see or hear in the media, tells us more is better.

I’m teaching our son that less is more, not more is better.

Assets become liabilities.  Seriously.

You get a nice car and then you worry about it being damaged or stolen.  We live where most people drive upscale vehicles.

I drive a 20-year old car and love that it starts every time the key turns. Over a year ago, it was damaged when I was a victim of road rage.  I’m thankful to be alive.

Never fixed that front fender, a daily reminder of what’s important.

The joy of doing without is something I need help on everyday anyway.