Five Daily Blogs, Seriously?

Run, jeff noel, Run

On Monday, went for a Coralville, Iowa sunset run down this path…

No matter what you do for a living, it’s hard to find time for proper diet and exercise.

While this jeff noel (pardon me while I work on SEO) blog is about chasing childhood dreams, particularly for those who feel it’s their ‘second last chance’ to do so, my 2nd blog is about physical wellness.

And that jeff noel (SEO, again) health & well-being blog is a click away.

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Balance (yeah right)

Do What You Love?

From the very beginning of arduous study, in the halls of the student union buildings, we prepare university students for their treadmill…

Many career-minded people start out doing what they love, but blind ambition supersedes, causing an imperceptible change in direction.

In the beginning, because the degree of change is so small and innocent, albeit very ambitious, we charge off chasing our career dreams.

When we’re younger, we take on the extra work hours and study – all in the name of climbing the ladder.

Well into a career then, we stay on our treadmill, because we can not afford to get off.

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The Movement

The Blog Whisperer Whispering

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. – Picasso

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