Do What You Love?

From the very beginning of arduous study, in the halls of the student union buildings, we prepare university students for their treadmill…

Many career-minded people start out doing what they love, but blind ambition supersedes, causing an imperceptible change in direction.

In the beginning, because the degree of change is so small and innocent, albeit very ambitious, we charge off chasing our career dreams.

When we’re younger, we take on the extra work hours and study – all in the name of climbing the ladder.

Well into a career then, we stay on our treadmill, because we can not afford to get off.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Is it “Blind ambition” or the reality factor about making enough money to support a family or live in this world. I think that in order to truly live your dream relative to your job choice you have to be realistic about your lifestyle. I know from my own experience as a teacher/ coach who IS living my dream. In some occasions I had tried to live a lifestyle that that “dream job” cannot support. Yes… that dream, but live it through and through. Made smart and realistic choices as to where you live and how you live to make following your dream easier on you and my family.

  2. Carl, great insight from your own life journey. Well played, my brother.

    The challenge is that none of us can predict the future, nor do we have enough wisdom starting out (and even well into the journey) to know what is the right balance of work output and responsibility versus pay and “freedom”.

  3. @jeff – absolutely!

    @carl – couldn’t agree with you more. The beauty of the past few years is that we learned what income would truly sustain us. Now, with a little more, we’ve realized what a tool or money is for debts and saving!

  4. I think everyone should make just enough to sustain themselves, and even struggle with it, and for this to last long enough so they never forget.

    Then, as their hard work and determination to push/pull through that financial challenge, they start to see daylight at the end of a long tunnel.

    And eventually, get to a place (not there yet myself) where they live simply, so that others may simply live.

    Sure, I know, a dreamer….

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