jeff noel, why do you work so hard?

Walt Disney Legacy card
Working hard is the DNA of the company Walt built


jeff noel, why do you work so hard?



We can’t expect others to become anything more than we ourselves are willing to become.

Simple math. Compound interest. Common sense.


And determination.

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.


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Is your passion contagious?

personal excuses
the truth can also set us free...pick one....choose wisely

Do you think passion is contagious? For those who may find a great attitude elusive annoying, I believe they choose to find it that way. Most realize, a positive outlook requires hard work, and lots of it. I think your passion is a result of hard work. There’s no need to waste it or hide it!

Can you believe the Summer is nearly over? Labor day weekend kicks off tomorrow. Ready for Fall?

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The Harder You Work…

A clue to the surprise….

Disney Cruise Line Dream Ship

You’ve heard this before, “The harder you work, the luckier you get“.

Hope you’re Saturday goes well with all you have planned. Our days, in large part, go as we direct them.

We can’t control the cards we’re dealt, only the way we play the hand.

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