jeff noel, why do you work so hard?

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Working hard is the DNA of the company Walt built


jeff noel, why do you work so hard?



We can’t expect others to become anything more than we ourselves are willing to become.

Simple math. Compound interest. Common sense.


And determination.

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.


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  1. Had an interesting exchange at work this week. Boss said work is a proving ground of sorts between employers paying the smallest amount at which they hope to get the most out of their employees. And employees realizing they are not paid well responding with slacking effort. I begged to differ. Stating regardless of pay I only work at one level, to give 110%.

  2. He smiled, but dudnt say a word. Even though I’ve only been there 4 months, somewhere in his psyche he knew. But telling him directly drove the point home. I’m blessed to have this job.

  3. Patty – there is something to be said for people following a Christian work ethic of giving their all, regardless of the circumstance. And no, there are a lot of people out there that don’t get that there is a greater possibility for motivation than just money or the lack thereof for some people. When the perspective is working for a higher “boss” than your current boss or for the money, the drive is something some bosses don’t know how to comprehend.

    I have had similar conversations with my boss, who is motivated by money. He asked me why I work so hard and give my best, regardless if it something I want to do or not. He knows that I am the low salary on the totem pole because I am the last manager to have been promoted, but I give the highest level of performance. So he couldn’t understand it. So I told him that I have a drive to not only give my best, but remember I am a representative of God to give my best – every time. Even though I knew he doesn’t believe like I do, I could tell he respected me for my comments.

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