Arizona vanity license plate


Work van in parking lot
Random parking lot photo of random van. Keener?


The front table of students were writing notes and the class had not yet begun. The teacher struck up a conversation since she had never met the students before – their enthusiasm was intriguing.

They proclaimed they were all ‘Keeners’.

What’s a Keener?

The student’s use of the word keener is perfect.

Turns out the whole room was.

A teacher’s dream come true.

And yes, proof that attitude is everything.

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Everything Is Important

Life is tiring, which is why we must fight this default setting

Disney monorail black at Contemporary monorail station
Traveling through life can be done in style, with a great attitude


Traveling through life is tiring, which is why we must fight this default setting – tiring.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

A person living intentionally with a positive attitude is a person who tends to be positively intentional.

How do we describe ourselves?

How would others?

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The Herd

I know it’s hard to find the energy and desire

Stone etched owl image
Are owls wise?


I know it’s hard to find the energy and desire to make each and every day special. But here’s the thing, each day we don’t makes tomorrow easier not to. And so on.

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Dear IRS, Mid Life Celebration, LLC Will Not Quit

I, jeff noel, swear under oath, that I will not quit.

Dear IRS, thank you for believing in the spirit of America’s desire to see small business startups succeed. Most boot-strapped startups never make it to profitability. Why? Because of the tremendous challenges – money, time, energy, commitment, ingenuity.

PS. Mid Life Celebration, LLC refuses to quit. Please have faith in it’s vision and my determination.

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The Next Lecture

What’s Our Second Greatest Personal Resource If Attitude Commands The Top Spot?

Time. People all over the world ask me how I manage to pray, read, write five daily blogs and run 5 miles, and prepare for work before heading out the door. The key is learning to balance our energy – another way of saying time.

Success in one area feeds success in another. Just as trouble in one area creates trouble in another.

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