Arizona vanity license plate


Work van in parking lot
Random parking lot photo of random van. Keener?


The front table of students were writing notes and the class had not yet begun. The teacher struck up a conversation since she had never met the students before – their enthusiasm was intriguing.

They proclaimed they were all ‘Keeners’.

What’s a Keener?

The student’s use of the word keener is perfect.

Turns out the whole room was.

A teacher’s dream come true.

And yes, proof that attitude is everything.

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Is there such a thing as a midlife keener?

Three important flags blowing in the strong wind
When we see things differently, we experience them differently


Is there such a thing as a midlife keener? Here’s what Google revealed from ‘keener’:

CANADIAN (informal)
– a person who is extremely eager, zealous, or enthusiastic.
– “keeners who spent most of high school buried in homework”


It’s a really simple concept.

Midlife keeners spend most of their second half focused on thriving versus surviving.

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