Reprise from yesterday’s insight about wisdom and our thoughts

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Every day that you wake up (alive) is an opportunity to do the impossible.


Reprise from yesterday’s insight about wisdom and our thoughts…

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Had my first drink at 13 the Summer of 1972.

Somewhere around 18 i went full-time.

At 41, on my third “no, this time i mean it” attempt, i stopped.

Impossible is nothing…

There was no middle ground for me. Every day or not at all. i quit on New Year’s Eve (not New Years Day), the biggest drinking day in the world.

Prior, i promised myself i’d stop if my wife got pregnant. Did well for a little while, but failed.

Made another promise, “When the baby is born.”

Did well for even longer (about 6 months) than the first failure, but failed again.

Then, as our Son was almost 1.5 years old, i decided Dec 30 would be my last drinking day.

That was 2001.

Failure paves the way for success if you want it bad enough.


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