Your greatest desires via mindset

child by a window
He saved my life. He knows this story. He can recite it to others.

Please do not lose hope on your greatest desires…

Twenty years ago on New Years Eve, the world’s biggest drinking day, i saw an obscure opportunity to .think .differently about previously failed attempts to quit drinking everyday.

What if changing the commitment by a single day could change everything.

Instead of quitting on New Year’s Day, what would happen if i was freakin’ bold enough to quit on the biggest drinking day of the year?

New Year’s Eve transcends religion, beliefs, and geography – the entire civilized world uses the same calendar. Even people who don’t drink will raise a glass to ring in the new year.

This was 2001. i had been a father for over a year. Being a great dad became my greatest desire.

If i was going to teach ‘impossible is nothing’ and ‘.think .differently’, i needed personal example narratives.

Go big or go home means nothing if you don’t do it occasionally.

Change what you see and what you see changes.


Note: .hpm = happy present moment

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