The first “sober” New Years Eve happened in 2001

Highline Trail
The best hike of my entire life happened August 31, 2016 with Dave Weir – Highline Trail in Glacier National Park. It happened 3 more times in 2017 on the same trail – with Family July 31, Howard Doran August 30, and solo September 29…pictured here. 
Highline Trail
September 29, 2017 the trail was deserted.
Orlando Disney Keynote Speakers
Smiling because i’m free, yet knowing the devil is always wanting a piece of me,
Highline Trail
Fall colors from shrubs and trees, not flowers, this time of year.
Highline Trail
Remnant smoke from the 2017 Sprague fire.

The first “sober” New Years Eve happened in 2001.

i intentionally picked December 30 to be my final drinking day, so that New Years Eve (the biggest drinking day in the world) would be the beginning of my resolve.

New Years Day is a terrible day to begin transformational change – it’s so unreliable.

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