The daily battle between confidence and arrogance

Mid Life Celebration baby Boomer Keynote Speaker
Denver, Colorado last week.


The mental battle of mind over matter…

The marketing battle that takes place in our head between confidence and arrogance is brutal. It never ends.

On one hand, confidence is essential for great things to happen.

On the other hand, arrogance is like drinking poison.

The catch 22 is that the two can look like twins, even though they’re not.

And here’s what i’m learning as an entrepreneur: You have to constantly move forward. Success will not come to you. You have to (repeat, have to) go and get it.

Successful, optimistic people easily recognize confidence.

Unsuccessful, jealous people see arrogance, because it justifies their lack of courage.

i pray for both groups.

It is difficult to leave people behind.

Be confident in knowing that you are not hurting the ones left behind. They have already committed themselves to that position. It’s not your fault.

And it is also not arrogant.

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Is there a place for arrogance in business?

Unofficial books about Disney Business practices


(photo: Dennis Snow is a very special person. A Disney expert. A successful small business owner. A former colleague. A friend.)

Arrogance means pride. It also means conceit.

  1. Proud.
  2. Conceited.

Proud and conceited, though related, are two very different things. Pride stems from a feeing of gratitude, joy, contribution, expertise. Conceit stems from being excessively proud, and vain.

Dennis truly is a Disney expert (and very proud grandfather) who is grateful and joyful in making a significant contribution.

So anyone claiming to be expert will be thought of in one of two ways: credible or arrogant.

This is a scary proposition for a newbie (with 30 years of Disney experience) in this “self-employed Disney space”.

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