Is there a place for arrogance in business?

Unofficial books about Disney Business practices


(photo: Dennis Snow is a very special person. A Disney expert. A successful small business owner. A former colleague. A friend.)

Arrogance means pride. It also means conceit.

  1. Proud.
  2. Conceited.

Proud and conceited, though related, are two very different things. Pride stems from a feeing of gratitude, joy, contribution, expertise. Conceit stems from being excessively proud, and vain.

Dennis truly is a Disney expert (and very proud grandfather) who is grateful and joyful in making a significant contribution.

So anyone claiming to be expert will be thought of in one of two ways: credible or arrogant.

This is a scary proposition for a newbie (with 30 years of Disney experience) in this “self-employed Disney space”.

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First impression from yesterday’s National stage

An 80-year old in the 200m hurdles…

senior health

He had to stop, reach one leg at a time over each hurdle, then race (very slowly) to the next hurdle and ultimately…

senior health

… the finish line…

2012 masters track championships

And an enthusiastic congratulations from a fellow senior athlete…

2012 masters track championships

First impression from yesterday’s National stage…

Attitude really is as important as people say it is. And it was everywhere. The only way to stand out yesterday was to have a negative one.

Nobody stood out.

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