We are unintentionally distancing ourselves from these things

Great day yesterday in Glacier National Park. Extraordinarily rare wifi available. Writing this from Swiftcurrent Inn’s lobby.

(Photos will be posted once we get back to civilization)

Insight: as a society we have distanced ourselves from silence, stillness, boredom and natural beauty.


Swiftcurrent Motor Inn in Glacier National Park


(photo: First morning in Glacier National Park July 24, 2014)

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Honey, It's For You

Wheels up at 6:25am this morning

Glacier Park or Libby on Highway 2


Heading to Glacier National Park today to grab some lunch.

For real.

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Back To The Future

Fulfilling a crazy, impossible midlife dream

father and Son snuggling on cross country flight


Never in a million years did the notion of going back to Glacier National Park – simply to enjoy lunch one more time at Two Dog Flats – seem real last Summer.

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Island Time

Midlife changes in latitude, changes in attitude?

Rainbow through the trees at Sanibel Island


(photo: early morning view from cottage porch on Sanibel Island 2009)

Heading to Sanibel Island in a few hours.

Midlife changes in latitude, changes in attitude?

Where’s your favorite place to chill?

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Dear Son

Potential 2014 Middle School Yearbook dedication

youth riding bike in central Florida neighborhood
Keep moving forward.


Dear Son, a tree does not grow overnight.

But it does grow.


And some years it grows faster than other years. This has been one of those years for you.

For the past decade we’ve been focused on honesty above any other attribute.

In 2014, we built on that for a total of four key life attributes:

  1. Honesty.
  2. Behave admirably.
  3. Self-control.
  4. Personal responsibility.

You have done well academically, and maybe more importantly, personally.

Be well and remain amazed.

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