Now That November (2011) Is Here, Thoughts Turn From Pumpkins To Turkey


Media and retail bombardment remind us of what’s the next big thing we can buy, celebrate, fixate on, and medicate ourselves with. Neither good nor bad. It’s a free world, anything to make a buck, right.

But jeff noel wonders what would happen to the Boomer’s mindset if we could act like everyday is Thanksgiving. Every day worth celebrating.

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By jeff noel

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  1. I truly love this picture of you and your son laughing together. We have some hilarious laughing moments over here, but nobody ever has a camera in their hand to capture them. Let joy overflow and splash all over the people today, jeff noel!

  2. Natalie, thanks for your enthusiastic encouragement to let joy overflow. Even in our infirmities, we are free to let our spirit soar. Please do the same.

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