No Disney Keynote Speaker videos of Disney Institute speaker jeff noel

  No Disney Keynote Speaker videos of Disney Institute speaker jeff noel. So this has always been an issue. i like not doing what everyone does. The downside is that most don’t get it, and worse, most don’t like it. The pressure to conform is why everyone does it. So when i talk to organizations […]

Disney Institute Leadership Keynote Speakers

There are four world-class basics that make up the Disney Leadership architecture. i have been teaching our Son (now 18) these Disney blueprints for at least a dozen years. We are both more positive human beings because of this student-teacher-student relationship. Everything i learned, did, and taught from 32 years as an insider and two-time Walt […]

The best Disney keynote speaker you’ve never heard of

The best Disney Keynote Speaker you’ve never heard of. When you are a solo entrepreneur a few of the many hats you wear is Marketing Director and Creative Director. The first sentence in this post is a creative brainstorm effort to establish some Marketing soundbites. And so it goes. Keep moving forward. Launch, learn, revise. […]

Corporate Culture Architectural Blueprints from a lifetime at Disney

  An organization “addicted to urgency” shapes it’s culture by default. The “less expensive” goal is a culture by design. Profoundly simple. Simply profound. New speaking/advising website coming June 25, 2016 (25 days from today) – my speciality is corporate culture architecture – blueprints if you will.   __________   On April Fool’s Day 2009, […]