Strange Magic

Disney University lobby
Yesterday while running, having fun with potential clients.


Strange Magic…

Not the song by Electric Light Orchestra from 1975.

A strange magic has flooded my thoughts with questions.

Questions about fear, opportunity, luck, obligation, and vision.

A few lucky breaks (strange, and magical) combined with a new year of setting (my) corporate direction have collided unexpectedly.

i’ve become busier – sooner than expected – and am overwhelmed with joy, yet faced with a new set of challenges.

Questions like:

  • How much is the content, and how it’s presented, worth?
  • Where is the value and price line that you will not go below?
  • How do i communicate and justify the value?

No one walks into an Apple Store believing they can negotiate the price of an iPhone or MacBook.

No. One.


Because Apple has set the expectation. Clearly. Most Apple customers understand Apple’s Magic and pay the premium. Those that don’t get it, move on.

This is where i’m at right now.




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