How’s our positive mental attitude regarding our physical well being?

magic Kingdom entrance on busy morning
Each day is just another day in paradise, right?


The key to thriving is to never tire from the daily grind. Wishing the 20-something fellow gym regular a happy new year yesterday i asked, “What’s your 2016 resolution?”

He said, unhesitatingly, “To maintain where I’m at.”

i congratulated him on understanding that maintaining our health for a lifetime is the real goal.

Who cares if you run your first 5k or your first marathon, if your drive and determination evaporate after achieving that short-term (yet lofty and noble) goal?

Can’t help but wonder, today, the sixth day of the new year, how many will succumb to the self-fulfilling prophecy of short-term, feel-good, accomplishment. The prophecy being that once the initial, lofty and noble goal is accomplished, we fail to accept that we are actually only at the starting line of the real (even more lofty and more noble) goal.




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