The speech’s content is as powerful as the wheel was to progress

Marriott Harbor Beach sunrise
Sunrise is not far away.


Marriott Harbor Beach morning view
Same, but different.


Marriott Harbor Beach Keynote Speech
Moved table from wall to sliding door. Always facing East to write.


Disney Corporate Keynote Speaker
First thing i see on LinkedIn at 530am yesterday. My speech’s message is their new wheel.


Are mistakes really gifts in disguise?


Success is built upon a foundation of failure.

Mid Life Celebration, and yesterday’s Leadership Keynote speech was fertilized with failure.

The long way is the short cut.

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  1. Meg, thanks for commenting. Refreshing to see you here.

    If it helps to put things in perspective, i didn’t go out on my own until 55. And in the six years prior to that, i didn’t quit my busy, demanding, full time job, nor did i make a dime.

    i could build a new land at Disney called Discouragementland with all the discouraging things that have happen in the first 55 years. 🙂

    Stay strong Meg. You have done amazing things with your children. i saw it first had in the Lego Store.

  2. Mentioned to my daughter yesterday that the long way is the short cut. Her response was, “What?” To which I replied, “Do it correctly, first.”

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