Now That We’re Here, Is It Even Worth It To Change?

Spring Grove High School Class of 1977 30th Reunion
Spring Grove High School Class of 1977 30th Reunion

The big question for Boomers is, “Now that we’re here (midlife), is it even worth it to try to change?” This is a question that most of us never thought we’d have to ask. And even if we did have to ask it, we thought our answer would be easy, “Sure, it’s time for a sensible change”.

But how are you feeling right now about the prospect of starting over to get healthy: physically, spiritually, mentally, financially and administratively?

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  1. Jeff,

    Believe me – that is a question I have been pondering a lot, especially as a milestone birthday is coming up for me in December. I know people used to fear age – there is a touch of intrepidation to it (“Will I be able to keep up with those who are younger?” or “Will I be viewed as less because I am getting older?”). Now I am trying to look at it with anticipation – look at all the experience I have! 🙂

    But when it is all said done, the bigger question is this – what does God have for me to do still? There’s a lot left in the tank for serving God.


  2. Bob, I believe God wants you to excel with a great mental outlook, a great physical temple, a great loving/serving spirit, to make a great contribution to society (job) and to keep your nest (home) orderly.

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