Tip Of The Mid Life Iceberg?

Tip Of The Mid Life Iceberg?

This question is vague. And also vague sometimes, is my courage to admit I’m at mid life and that the clock is ticking.

If I’m to do something great. If I’m to make a difference. I’m to quit making excuses. If I’m to leave my comfort zone behind.

I must start now.  The reality of these simple truths is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s a short You Tube video from three weeks ago as I viewed my very first actual icebergs near Greenland:

Did I mention the clock is ticking?

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Merry Christmas

What would it take for you to retire at 55?  What would you need in place to allow this to happen?  A website?  A blog?  A CPA?  An attorney?  A business plan?  A board of directors?  An internet storefront?  A company name?  A company structure?  A business account? A logo?  A tag line?  A story?  A brand identity?  Some characters?  Some stories?  A starting point?  How much ramp up time?  What kind of mistakes and lessons would you need, to be successful?  Well guess what?  A year’s work has already been done.  You ready for 2009?  Merry Christmas!

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