i have to laugh

Disney Institute speakers
Found this on a Google Search for Disney Institute. The first 6 years of daily writing, i worked and traveled full-time for Disney Institute. How was that possible?


i have to laugh.



Who wakes up at 5:00AM (sometimes earlier, if traveling) every morning and spends the next two hours writing?

And who does this morning ritual for over 3,000 consecutive days?

i’ll tell you who.

A freak.

And who says a mid-life crisis should be celebrated?

Same freak.

(me, right now, giggling)

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Dare to think unthinkable mental thoughts

cool Disney Cast Member exclusive t-shirt
When you work someplace for 30+ years, it defines who you are as a person in many ways.


Thinking differently can get us in trouble.

It’s not a way to fit in, generally speaking.

And folks who seem ridiculously happy are suspect.

Let ’em wonder.

Go. Be you. Think unthinkable, amazing thoughts.

Note: “Getting ourselves in trouble” either feels scary or exciting.

And getting in trouble doesn’t mean legally, it means pushing traditional boundaries.

Pushing and pulling for the good of society.

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Midlife Maverick

Walt Disney, one of Humanity’s all-time greatest mavericks…

Maverick – noun:  A lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.

A few months back, I searched Go Daddy for some domain names from a brainstorm. Midlife Maverick was taken.

But I discovered a brilliantly written article from the owner, Colin Hiles, entitled “The Big Idea That Changed My Life Forever”.

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