Would Your Life Change?

The secret to making our life significant

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Question: Is this your mantra or is it something different? Why or why not?


We make our life significant by the depth of our questions. (Tweet that)

And then, if we are lucky determined, we set ourselves on fire with our clear, concise, and compelling answers.




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Self Control (Impossible?)

He’s going to tell everyone at the funeral

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(photo: Who are those people?)

While unwrapping gifts yesterday our son (14) said, “I’m going to say this at your funeral, ‘My Dad avoided answering a lot of questions’.”

Is this intentional or by default?

Great professional speakers know if they tell an audience the answer, the audience will never remember. And if the facilitator helps the audience discover the answer themselves, they will never forget.

By design or by default?

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MidLife Celebration Is...

It’s okay and not okay, okay?

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The answers are easy to find, it’s the questions that trip us up


It’s okay to not know the answer.

It’s not okay to not know the question.

Wisdom is discovering life’s most important questions.

Joy is finding the courage to pursue the answers.

Not many of us fully appreciate this.

And it’s a leading cause of work life imbalance.

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Outlasting Fear

If You Never Ask For The Date, The Answer Is Always…

Of course we don't know what's up ahead.

The fear of rejection is so prevalent in our lives we miss many potential life changing opportunities and live with the nagging regret of lost “what if’s”.

Insight: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Dear Son, trust me on this one.

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Everything Is Important

Great Questions Are Better Than Great Answers

But what if you needed a wheelchair ramp or elevator?

An excellent answer to the wrong question is like having bullets instead of arrows for your bow.

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