Life Stages and Human Development

Months ago, Teresa Jacobs was not Orange County’s Mayor. We did what we could to help her and her husband…

When do adults stop developing? Some say we never stop learning. That seems reasonable, but do we stop developing?

What are the stages of human development?

Daniel Levinson is one of the few to study this and offers reasonable explanations.

Bottom line, we reap what we sow. Put up or shut up.

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3rd Chance? Doubtful

No One Is Going To Do This For You
No One Is Going To Do This For You

Mid Life provides a special time to do 3 things:

  1. Rethink
  2. Reprioritize
  3. Recommit

Almost sounds too simple.

Simple doesn’t mean easy.

Do you think there will a 3rd chance?


Who wants to look back and say, “I was simply going through the motions. Wish I had one more chance to try harder.”