Dear Son, Lifelong Learning’s Paradox Is Cruel

Was Balance An Issue For America's Midwest Pioneer Farmers?

Dear Son, somewhere along life’s journey, but maybe as late as midlife, adults eventually see the critical connection between Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ.

The paradox is that what’s most important, balance, is something we’re never taught to master.

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Dear Son, Which Of These Two Choices Sounds Most Appropriate?

What Would You Do?

Dear Son, let’s say a Father and a daughter sit down to discuss the school year strategy. The daughter believes excelling in her favorite subjects makes the most sense. The Father believes doing well in every subject, at the risk of not excelling in any, makes the most sense.

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Dear Son, It’s Far Easier To Excel In What You Love

Children Love To Monkey Around (most adults do too)

Dear Son, as your learning accelerates in fifth grade, you know how challenging it can be to score well in every subject. It’s far easier to excel in what you love.

While you are cognizant of Life’s Big Choices because of who your dad is, mostly, these ideas are what 11-year olds could care less about. Remember who you are and what, and why, you’ve been taught.

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Dear Son, Use Caution When Dreaming

Dreams, Like Sand Castles, Can Be Easily Washed Away

Dear Son, use caution when dreaming. There’s a time and a place for dreaming, it would seem. The challenge is discerning this. At 52, maybe I’m dreaming too big. Maybe it’s too much, too late.

Who am I to think it’s possible to change our educational, parenting and personal responsibility paradigms? For today anyway, it’s feeling quite impossible.

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All jeff noel Can Tell You Is That Finding A Million Ways To Stay Strong Is Like Hitting The Lottery

Dear Son, I almost caved while we were on Sanibel Island. The thought of you turning 11 today and the promise I made to be the best Dad I could were the keys to not falling.

Earlier this summer when I asked you if you could ever see your Dad drinking a beer, and you said, “You? No way!”

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