You’re doing it wrong, Jeff

Opening Apple Watch 3 box
Opening the box that was shipped from China, at Epcot – a little earlier in the plan than hoped, but we graciously complied at the Epcot bag check table.


Opening Apple Watch 3 box
Thought maybe we could take this white box in unopened.


Opening Apple Watch 3 box
Nope. (This was ok too.)


Opening Apple Watch 3 box
Anticipated worst case scenario, that’s why Chapin was ready with his camera to document the opening.


Opening Apple Watch 3 box
Future World.


Opening Apple Watch 3 box
Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Don boxed it back up and i got in the pic for an “i was here” photo.


Opening Apple Watch 3 box
Every Guest received a complimentary button. But only yesterday, October 1, 2017.


Opening Apple Watch 3 box
The future has arrived. No?


You’re doing it wrong, Jeff.


To which i think to myself, “But at least i’m doing it.”

Why does that matter?

For many, it doesn’t matter.

And then i remind myself i thought that way too.

Then a series of changes happened and i began a long, slow journey in thinking differently.

The aha moment?

Once i’m doing it, i have a chance to do it better.


It ain’t a dress rehearsal.

Waiting for perfect means not starting.

Not starting, for me, was riddled with excuses.

Using June 8, 2019 as a deadline for life.

Taking an unopened box to Epcot to open it.

Yeah the stuff i have no role model for.

Live like you mean it.

Or not.

Our choice.

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