How crazy is too crazy?

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Yesterday at 8:45am Mass.


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i practiced from this piece of paper. After 58 years on our planet, 30 years at Disney, 18 years as a speaker and advisor, i consider myself decently grounded and focused. To teach is to learn twice.


How crazy is too crazy?

Las Vegas has deeply stirred our Nation’s emotions.

In an effort to manage my attitude, physical health, spiritual wellbeing, work quality, and home karma, i write to process on paper what i cannot find another way to process.

We commit slow personal injury to ourselves, often leading to premature “death” of our attitude, health, spirit, career, and home life, when we do these things day in and day out:

  1. Watch, read, and listen to media and people who poison our mind
  2. Eat and drink whatever we want, and find sitting a life-time activity
  3. Avoid a community of like-minded believers and secretly hate many things and people
  4. Blame, criticize, and accuse (often silently) others of holding us back at work
  5. Become attached to things, memories, and status quo

We are killing ourselves so quietly and so slowly, it’s the ultimate assassination.

And to medicate, distract, and entertain ourselves, we pick up our social media microphone and broadcast our (mostly) self-righteous, grand-standing, American values, and blah, blah, blah…

You want to get pissed off and offended about something to the point of taking a stand and taking action?

Address and remedy 1-5 above.

Then, and only then, would it make sense that yours is a voice worth listening to.

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