Busy doing nothing

Walking back from the new gym’s first visit yesterday.


Even though i’m always busy, i strive to never be in a hurry.

Often, i’m busy doing this…

Busy doing nothing.



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The art of midlife looking

Top Disney Management Conference speakers
Seriously, every single day before heading out the door, i write five different blogs on five different web sites. The sun is just beginning to hit Cinderella Castle.


The art of midlife looking (seeing your life differently).

  • Be ever present
  • Continuously break the self-imposed tyranny of conformity
  • See the wonderland in your dreams

Art is doing things differently or better than the way the Herd does it.

My breakthrough arrived insidiously, during 2014. That 2008 impossible goal to write five different blogs on five different sites was ridiculous. On top of that, i wrongly envisioned it morphing into something remarkable.

Yet miraculously, i never abandoned writing five daily, differently-themed blogs on five different websites.

And the art that is created each morning is original and different, but definitely not better. The beauty in art is that different is all you need.




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Wonder-Filled Day

Wonder Is Simple, Free & Abundant
Wonder Is Simple, Free & Abundant

Casual events, planned events, they come and they go. Like the ocean tide. Never resting. Always predictable. And mostly, unnoticed.

A casual event on Twitter the other day – a fellow entrepreneur wrote a quick, deliberate note, and it’s still with me this morning. In fact I had to write it down but was unsure why.

Now I know, it’s because I’d like to share it with you. It’s very simple, but in this particular case, it’s very purposeful:

“Have a wonder-filled day”!