Wonder-Filled Day

Wonder Is Simple, Free & Abundant
Wonder Is Simple, Free & Abundant

Casual events, planned events, they come and they go. Like the ocean tide. Never resting. Always predictable. And mostly, unnoticed.

A casual event on Twitter the other day – a fellow entrepreneur wrote a quick, deliberate note, and it’s still with me this morning. In fact I had to write it down but was unsure why.

Now I know, it’s because I’d like to share it with you. It’s very simple, but in this particular case, it’s very purposeful:

“Have a wonder-filled day”!

By jeff noel

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5 replies on “Wonder-Filled Day”

Good morning Donna.
Your Tweet really made my day, even if, in a crazy busy world, I got confused at the source.
What wasn’t confusing is how much I appreciated it – evidenced by the fact I wrote it down and a few days later blogged about it.
A seemingly insignificant moment you created that is very profound.
I’ve been wonder-filled, listening to Steven Curtis Chapman’s newest CD, Beauty Will Rise. Just posted about it

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