Life is one long “delay of game”

Disney's Space Mountain
Yesterday’s morning run, approx 620am. Space Mountain on the right.


Disney's Christmas Day Parade early filming
Disney’s Christmas Day Parade early filming. “Extras” waiting to be part of it.


Disney's Christmas Day Parade early filming
Different angle of the anxious and excited “extras”.


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Selfie at 630am to send to client, just for fun, before heading to airport.


Disney's Space Mountain
Running home, Space Mountain on the left.


Disney Monorail
Space Mountain to immediate left, Monorail heading to “work”.


Disney University Building
Disney University always serves as a water station, except it was too early to enter.


Apple Watch
Upper right corner of watch, 7:12am. Lower left corner is total milage.


Florida swimming pool
Before the quick dip in the pool…before heading to Montreal (in November).


Florida swimming pool
After the quick dip. Now time to shower and drive to airport.


iPhone Delta app screen shot
Pulled out of driveway at 7:45am. Arrived airport 8:15am.


Life is one long “delay of game”.

Sometime around puberty, our ability to dream wide open starts to become censored.

We start defaulting to, “Tomorrow”.

As i like to remind myself, “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.




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How will our attitude today impact our desire to not wait?

Orlando's Best Disney Speakers


(photo: last night the options were… don’t make a quick trip to Magic Kingdom, or, make a quick trip to Magic Kingdom)

How will our attitude today impact our desire to not wait for tomorrow to suck the marrow out of life?

The privilege to see another day is astonishingly undervalued.

The value of a single day?

Ask someone who is counting theirs.

Note to self: wishing and waiting is a flawed proposition.

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Why do we wait so long?

Mickey Mouse and jungle jeff
Year six has a different kind of fun potential


Why do we wait so long?

A foolish 100-day writer’s boot camp challenge was done but he kept on going after it was over…

Four years, 11 months, and 30 days ago, a self-imposed 100-day challenge to write five daily, differently-themed blogs.

One for each of life’s big choices.

To leave a trail for a young child just in case…

Why do we wait so long?

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What is the upside to thinking the worst case?

School winter break sign
When is our final Winter break going to come and will it be memorable?


What is the upside to thinking the worst case?

Is there one?

Could it allow us to experience something so fully that we can’t believe we haven’t lived like this sooner?

Do we sort of, unconsciously, think conditions will be better down the road, and then we can really live it up?

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