Sunrise at Gibmore

Sunrise at Gibmore


(photo: Sunrise yesterday)

Is it okay to make stuff up?

Biltmore is nearby. Pretty famous, right. Not made up.

So what about Gibmore?

Not far from Biltmore. Not famous. Also not made up.

The Gibmore deck pictured above.

The name is made up but not the vibe.

Who says we can’t make stuff up and have it be as good as anything (maybe better) out there.

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  1. Jeff,

    That is simply beautiful – I love it out there in Asheville! My family loves to go visit the Biltmore. I am glad you got to be out at Gibmore.


  2. Bob, thank you. John and Lori Gibbons have created something remarkable. A remote mountainside is a fairly formidable place to build a wonderful cabin.

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