Covid19 turning point

Grocery store empty shelves
Yesterday afternoon (5 hours ahead of President Trump’s Nationwide message about European air travel ban) at the grocery store. Had inside intel advice to head to store sooner rather than later. Toilet paper was almost gone.

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.

Not talking about daily adversity.

Talking about Covid19 and other world catastrophes (remember 9/11?).

The adverse event is the test, not the studying (development).

Optional development can occur after you receive your test score.

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Stunningly beautiful and shockingly harsh

Sunrise near Disney World
Yesterday about two miles into a 10 mile run.


Residential construction near Disney World
Yesterday about eight miles into a 10 mile run.


Yesterday, after spending the typical first two hours of the day before sunrise in writing, reading, and reflection mode, i then proceeded to begin the three-times-a-week run. Yesterday i chose Disney’s Contemporary Resort as the turnaround (midway) point.

The sunrise was glorious as seen in the first photo. As you navigate through the other four blogs, you’ll see and hear how this ordinary day was both beautiful and harsh.

The second photo hints at how long i was out and about for the morning run.




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The truest test of our attitude is when we are being tested

Foot x-ray
Last month’s x-ray showed a healthy foot, in spite of ankle pain.


The truest test of our attitude is when we are being tested.

It’s doubtful i’ll be able to compete tomorrow at Nationals. Something i’ve been hoping to do for two years.

This could be a huge disappointment.

But it’s not.

Not because it isn’t, but because i refuse to let it be.

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Pop quiz in the middle of life

Disney's Pizzafaria restaurant wall art
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Pizzafaria Restaurant yesterday.


Is attitude everything?

Here’s the test.

Are you challenging yourself in ways you didn’t know where possible?

(pause for thought)

Next question.

What if you did?

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