Are we really this clueless?

Head in the sand
Head in the sand.


As adults, how many times have we encouraged others to follow their dreams?

We dole this encouragement out unashamedly.

Ok, now what about our dreams?

What are we telling ourselves?

Excuses win, don’t they?

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  1. Jeff,

    It truly is harder to take your own advice over what you give out to others. Why is that? Is it because (and here are the excuses you talk about that often win) there is no pain involved in just telling others to follow their dreams versus you actually doing it yourself?

    If God opens the door, why am I not stepping through it? Where’s my faith? Something I have been telling myself a lot lately as I pray about things is to look at the worst case scenario in taking a risk. Oftentimes the worst case scenario result isn’t any worse than doing nothing at all. I am asking God to help strengthen me so that I will step out on faith and not find excuses.


  2. Bob, i appreciate your generous response. Takes guts to have serious conversations with ourself.

    Praying that God’s wisdom and guidance bless you in a way like never before.

    Greetings from a NC mountain top.

  3. Jeff – thank you for your prayers! And I pray for you as you are on the NC mountain top! 🙂 I also pray that is not just in the physical, but also figuratively, standing on a mountain top! 🙂

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