Disney Institute Leadership Keynote Speakers

Disney Innovation Keynote Speakers
Two weeks ago in Chile.

There are four world-class basics that make up the Disney Leadership architecture.

i have been teaching our Son (now 18) these Disney blueprints for at least a dozen years.

We are both more positive human beings because of this student-teacher-student relationship.

Everything i learned, did, and taught from 32 years as an insider and two-time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement recipient has been synthesized into brilliantly simplistic DNA.

No one i know has deconstructed Disney’s operational DNA and reconstructed it in such a useful way.

It brings great joy and personal satisfaction to offer such a unique professional development opportunity to the world.

Another option are Disney Institute Keynote Speakers who are my friends and former colleagues and they share corporately-approved speeches, and i highly recommend them to help organizations in need.

We enjoy bringing The Disney Way to willing audiences.

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